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[WP8] Xap Deployer 2.0 – Pc Tool to Deploy Wp8 Xap to device


[WP8] Xap Deployer 2.0 – Pc Tool to Deploy Wp8 Xap to device

Check video tutorial below.

Hello, if you use Windows Phone since then, not surprisingly XAP Deployer application was outdated, right again. Recently Microsoft has released WP8, so XAP deployer would also be upgraded to the newer version to support WP8 devices.

Video Tutorial :

Changes in version 2.0 include:

  • Support for Windows Phone 8 and the New Simulator for WP8
  • Replace some icons
  • Compatible with older WP7 devices

+ Request Note: (read)

  • PC to install WP8 SDK to use, one that runs using WP7 SDK bug, do not ask why.
  • Phone must be developer / interop / full / unlock root
  • When deploying applications on the machine WP8 , the Zune does not need anymore.
  • Conversely, if you have installed the SDK WP8 devices that want to deploy on WP7.x still need to keep your Zune and Zune are still open as before.

Download Xap deployer 2.0 :

YDisk  or Mediafire or  theFilebay

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Important - 

    Download Links Dead? Find Secure XAP  links in Master Zone section of our forums. You need to get the password from admin to access the Master Zone Section.

    How to Download Xap Files From our Site? Check Here

  1. Check here on How to Deploy Appx Files? and Use Use Windows Phone Power Tools to Deploy Patched Xap files to Developer unlocked Windows phone device.

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  1. None of the download links are valid. Fix them all.

  2. It doesn’t open or start in windows 8.1 ..

  3. Link not working

  4. cai i use tis application on window xp

  5. plz add installation directly to sd card in next version
    cant play games like mc4 on my htc 8s

  6. plz add installation directly to sd card in next version

  7. Can anybody tell me
    where and how to download xap deployer????????????????

  8. When I add .xap file using xap deployer it will get an error…
    Cannot read as zip file plz help

  9. how to full unlock my phone???

  10. Hi, when i oper xap deployer and i want deploy apps write me error : Failed to connect to device as it is developer locked. How I unlock it??

  11. does it install apps on sd card??

  12. Hi!
    I’ve just downloaded and installed this programe from the link and got the latest WP application for the PC, i connected the mobile (Lumia 820), fianlly i wanted to put a xap file to deploy to my phone and the programme cant find phone! (i also got the latest SDK and i keep my phone turned on, i restarted both the PC and the phone several times).
    Any ideas?

  13. guys, just to clarify some things, what if I already deployed 2 apps, then I uninstalled them both. Can I be able to deploy again? or I need to use another email or account. thank you.

  14. Hey..wp hub…m so angry about sdk lite…it is continuously displaying me this error-“Installation of application failed. Fix the compatibilities in WMAppManifest.xml file”…i thought that may there should bi problem in xap deployer 2.0 and sdk lite..nD by thinking so I re-downloaded and installed both of ‘em now…but this issue is not fixed and displaying me same error…plz wphub reply me…i m in a big troubLe…plZz help plzz wphub…

  15. hey….my xap deployer is displaying me an error as-“Installation of application failed.Fix the compatibilities in WMAppManifest.xml file”..wts the solution to this type of problem and I also re downloaded sdk lite but issue is not finished and displays me same error..so cn anybody tell me the solution?????

  16. hi I want to know one thing ,many person says that with the normal acc.. we can only deploy 2 app at a time

    can someone explain me what does this mean, because if for example today I deploy 2 app so tomorrow will I be able to deplay another app or not ????????

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